Commercial Services

Our commercial services are perfect for restaurants, commercial kitchens, coffee shops, and other businesses that produce a higher volume of food waste than the standard household.

How It Works

Getting Started

If you’re within our service range, you’re eligible for our commercial services. Once you register your address and purchase the service plan that’s right for you, we will deliver your 32-Gallon receptacles to your address

Collect Food Scraps

We provide you with as many guides as you need to make sure everyone knows what can and can’t go into our compost receptacles.

Each receptacle is outfitted with one compostable BioBag®. Additional BioBags® of almost any shape and size are available for purchase.

Weekly Collections

Each week, we collect your compost receptacles and swap them with clean ones. 

Each receptacle is thoroughly pressure washed between uses so you never have to worry about stinky trash cans.

Skip a Collection Day

Can’t put your bin out for collection?

No problem. You can either Skip Your Next Collection or pick the date(s) you need to Skip.

Skip Next Collection?

Skip Multiple Collections?

Available Collection Dates

Schedule your next collection by choosing one of the available dates on the calendar.

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Report a Missed Pickup

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience of missing your pickup date. Because we strive for excellence, we want to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Report a Lost/Damaged Compost Bin or Lid

Cancel A Pickup