We Joined FEWSTERN: A network of environmental researchers

FEWSTERN Conference

At the 2019 China-US Joint Eco-environmental Symposium hosted in Seattle, WA, representatives from Green Heron took part in presentations, workshops, and small group discussions about challenges in the nexus of food, energy, and water systems (FEWS).

The Food, Energy, and Water Systems Transdisciplinary Environmental Research Network or FEWSTERN, celebrated their 13th annual symposium that fosters global collaboration on environmental research, specifically between two dominant countries: China and the USA. Despite some language and cultural differences, our priorities are all the same–protect our planet.

At this symposium, some of the world’s most renowned researchers in environmental fields shared their research on topics like regenerative agriculture, reclaimed water treatment methods, renewable electricity efficiency, technological advances in environmental science, and challenges of sustainability.

Not only did we gain valuable information about how our organic waste management can benefit ecosystems, but we discovered up-to-date research on methods to run our organization more efficiently and more sustainably.

As scientific research progresses, all of us at Green Heron realize that we have a responsibility to adhere to the latest and best practices that can help protect and improve our ecosystem locally and worldwide. Therefor, we are excited to announce that we have joined FEWSTERN as a member organization in order to support the continued research efforts in environmental sustainability.

Primarily, FEWSTERN is a non-profit network of researchers, organizations, and institutions that stretch across the globe and collaborate to solve some of the planet’s most challenging issues in the food, energy, and water nexus. The organization is partially funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) by the grant: Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS).

By supporting Green Heron Compost Services, you are also supporting a global network of academic researchers who are helping us understand and improve environmental sustainability.

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