Partner Spotlight: Beech Grove Farm

Beech Grove Chickens

We are excited to announce that we have welcomed a new partner into the Green Heron Compost family: Beech Grove Farm in Seymour, TN.

This eclectic farm sits on 22 acres of lush land and features egg laying hens and broiler chickens, market gardens with fresh produce, alongside orchards and berry bushes. Beech Grove practices GMO-free chicken raising and organic plant fertilization to ensure healthy and natural products.

They utilize compost in order to fertilize the land and replenish topsoil. We pick up compostable materials from our curbside collections customers and transport the organics directly to Beech Grove where they pile and process the items into a nutrient-dense substance. Once the compost has finished processing, it is put on the crops to help the plants grow faster, bigger, and stronger without using inorganic fertilizers that can be unhealthy and expensive.

We are very happy to support Beech Grove Farm in their environmentally-friendly farming practices and we would love for others to support the farm by choosing to purchase their products instead of buying from the grocery store.

Grant ScalfGrant Scalf, owner of the farm sells these all-natural products at the Seymour, TN Farmer’s Market and aims to continue expanding the farm with plans to add pigs, sheep, and other crops.

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