Partner Spotlight: Mountain Roots Farm

Paul and Beau Mountain RootsIf you’ve been to the Market Square Farmer’s Market in Knoxville, TN, you’ve probably seen Mountain Roots Farm and if you’re lucky, you’ve eaten some of their delicious produce. Owners Paul and Beau run a farm just outside of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park that provides high-quality market produce like spring mix greens, carrots, beets, cabbage, and just about anything else you might find on a salad. What’s even more impressive is that they are a completely organic farm.

Mountain Roots uses compost to help fertilize their soils instead of purchasing expensive, inorganic fertilizers that often lack micronutrients. This is where Green Heron Compost comes in. We collect organic waste from homes and businesses around Knoxville and take the materials directly to Mountain Roots Farm for processing. Once the organic waste has turned into compost, they apply the substance to land and crops.

This farm’s environmentally-friendly practices benefit the land they use by adding valuable micronutrients back into the soil that are then taken up by plants as they grow. In short, Paul and Beau’s produce likely has better nutritional value than store-bought produce and if you ask their patrons, they’ll always say that the taste is second to none!

Additionally, Mountain Roots Farm is in the process of expanding their land to keep up with the demand for chemical-free, high-quality, and delicious produce that can be found in farmer’s markets and restaurants around East Tennessee.

To support this farm, consider purchasing their products instead of opting for grocery store produce. You’ll benefit from the improved taste and nutrients in all of their veggies. If you want to learn more about Mountain Roots Farm, contact Paul and Beau on their website, reach out on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram. You can also visit the farm located at 309 Lillard Allen Lane, Sevierville, TN 37876 where you might even get a chance to play with their sweet dogs.

Thank you, Mountain Roots Farm for being a partner of Green Heron Compost and more importantly, for being part of the effort to repair and replenish the land that sustains our region.

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