Working toward zero-waste homes.

Keep organic matter out of landfills.

When our food and yard waste goes to the landfill, it uses valuable space and produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Instead, we will gather your compostables and return their nutrients to our local soil. 

Composting is easy and beneficial to our local community.

We pick up your organic matter, mostly food and yard waste, and transport the material to local farms and other partners who process your waste into compost. The compost is used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for crops and land to improve our quality of food and land for generations to come.

Getting Started

1. Register Your Location

  • We can collect compost from many different types of housing around Knoxville.
  • Some locations like apartments need special consideration to make sure there is an approved pickup area.
  • Once approved, you will be prompted to purchase our Starter Bundle.

2. Order Your $6 Starter Bundle

  • The Starter Bundle includes your 5-gallon Green Heron Compost Bin, 2 bin liners, and your Composting Guide delivered straight to your door.
  • Your bundle also includes your first pickup free of charge
  • Once you redeem your first pickup, you can order more and redeem at any time.

About Pickups

You create the schedule that works best for you and never pay for pickups you don't need. 

Redeem Pickups When You Need Them

When you become one of our customers, you have the option to pay-per-pickup, or bundle your pickups and redeem them whenever you want. Generally, our customers redeem about one pickup per week.

3. Schedule Your Pickup

  • Request your pickup date at least one day in advance.
  • When your pickup request has been approved, leave your Green Heron Compost bin out the night before your scheduled pickup.
  • We will haul off your compostables and replace your bin liner.

Pickup Pricing

Single Pickup


(Save $1)

2 Pickups


(Save $3)

4 Pickups


(Save $8)

8 Pickups


(Save $23)

16 Pickups


(Save $39)

24 Pickups


Most Popular

(Save $112)

52 Pickups


What is Compost?

Compostables turn into compost.
Compost is the finished product.

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed into a nutrient-rich substance that is added to soil. The process of composting breaks down your leftover foods and yard waste.




Possibly. We are working on expanding our range. We will closely consider each location requested.

Yes. Your Starter Bundle pays for your bin that has been specifically approved for commercial use, administrative and delivery costs. However, your first pickup is free.

We transport your compostables to various locations around East Tennessee. In most cases, your compostables go to local farmers and private organizations. We ensure that your compostables are being processed locally in order to support our region’s rich agriculture.

We allow for a 30-day full refund policy on all of our pickups with the exception of the Starter Bundle.

If you would like a refund on your Starter Bundle, you must contact us within 48 hours.


Currently, we are not available for same-day pickups. You must look at our schedule and request the next available date. Generally, we would prefer a week of notice before your pickup.

First, check your email to make sure you received your Pickup Request email confirmation and double check the date requested. 

Next, did you put your bin out the night before? Often times, we start pickups very early in the morning so if you put it out in the morning, we might’ve miss it.

Next, contact us and we will come and get your compost at the earliest available time.

You may reschedule your requested pickup(s) by requesting a pickup cancellation and then picking a new available date.

You will not be charged for a rescheduled pic

You must cancel the date within 24 hours of the date request.

Yes, you can schedule as many pickups as you have purchased. You can schedule you pickups for weeks, months, even years in advance.

Yes, kind of. You can schedule a pickup without having purchased pickups, but your requested date will be labeled as “Pending” until the pickup has been purchased. Once the pickup is paid for, your requested pickup date will change to “Confirmed.”

Bins & Liners

Yes! Please fill out the contact form and ask us for a new one. We always want to make our products better, so we would like to know how you lost your bin (e.g., wind, stolen, misplaced, etc)

You must use our Green Heron compost bin when you put your compostables out for pickup, but you can collect compost in whatever bin you like. Many people keep small compost bins on the kitchen counter.

Yes. We will put one liner in each pickup by default, but if you find you need more or less, contact us and request up to 5 liners per pickup.

Our bins are 5 gallon buckets.

Yes, we can provide 32 gallon garbage bins upon special request.

Yes, each of our liners are biodegradable so they will decompose with the compostables.

Yes, each of our bins comes with a lid.

PO Box 933, Knoxville TN 37902

Contact Us

Report a Missed Pickup

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience of missing your pickup date. Because we strive for excellence, we want to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Report a Lost/Damaged Compost Bin or Lid

Cancel A Pickup