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Green Heron Compost is an affiliate partner of The Home Depot. We promote specific products that we feel are the best options for those who would like to compost at home, whether you’re a beginner or long-time compost enthusiast. Because we update these products weekly, pricing and stock may differ on The Home Depot website. 

Compost Tumblers

A compost tumbler is a rotating container  with an opening for your organic waste like food scraps and yard waste. Turning the organic matter in a compost tumbler aerates or adds oxygen to the decomposing matter to reduce smells and expedite the composting process. Usually, a tumbler should be turned once a week or each time you add new material. A compost tumbler is great for those who live in smaller spaces with an outdoor are and those who are first starting to compost.

Indoor & Kitchen Compost

Composting inside your home can be a tedious process, but there are many products on the market that make composting inside much easier. The products below consist of compost collection bins, Bokashi composters, and worm composters. The compost collection bins are simply a storage area for your organic waste that reduce smell rather than initiating the composting process. Bokashi Composting is a fast, anaerobic process that ferments organic waste into a nutrient-dense liquid to be used as a fertilizer.  Worm composting is the process of using worms to quickly break down organic waste by allowing worms to digest food scraps, leaving behind a different kind of compost liquid that is often called compost tea.

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