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Kat McDearis at Green HeronA word from the founder, Kat McDearis

“First and foremost, I can’t express how happy and excited I am to launch Green Heron. About two years ago, I was inspired to start this company after attempting to compost in my apartment. The experience proved to be more difficult than I imagined, so I sought out to find a pickup service in Knoxville. No luck. After countless hours of research, conversations with friends, and scientist consultations, I started assembling the pieces of what is now Green Heron Compost Services. Thank you to everyone who has supported this organization and those who will support the effort in the future. Today, I want to share with you a few highlights of our business and mission.”

The following is a brief summary of our business model and services, definitions of our environmental initiatives, and our commitments to our local community. 

Business Model & Services

Green Heron collects organic waste from homes and businesses and transports the material to our partners: local farms, greenhouses, landscaping/mulching companies, and other places that process and use the material. We provide our customers with compost collection bins, a new biodegradable bin liner every pickup, and a flexible pickup schedule. Customers can select specific pickup days and purchase as many pickups as needed in order to save resources like fuel, money, and time.

Environmental Initiatives

Green Heron is committed to protecting and restoring our environment as much as possible. We help to close the environment’s nutrient-cycle by diverting organic food and plant waste away from landfills and instead, using it locally to replenish our region’s soils. Secondly, Green Heron aims to reduce its carbon footprint by using more fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrid or electric energy alternatives whenever possible. Finally, Green Heron is committed to choosing partners that are using environmentally responsible practices. 

Community Commitments

Green Heron committed to supporting East Tennessee’s vibrant culture and economic growth. We pledge to create jobs, promote local agriculture, and provide quality customer service that is inclusive, trustworthy, and kind to all. Secondly, we commit to help educate our community about the benefits of composting, the importance of environmental sustainability, and ways to improve our environmental awareness in our society.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you all for your interest in Green Heron Compost Services. With your participation, we can make a positive impact in the community and support local organizations. If you want to take action today, you can help by spreading the word about Green Heron, benefits of composting, and key principles of environmental sustainability. Again, thank you for being here and supporting us as we strive to create a healthier future. Every day, I become more proud to call East Tennessee my home.”

Kat McDearis

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